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Ethical Considerations: Our Approach to Retreats






Home of Ayahuasca prioritizes the effectiveness and purity of retreats with Ayahuasca and other Amazonian plants.

Our approach to retreats is a balance between non-interference, protection from outside influences and a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs.

This page reveals our ethics to ensure an effective and safe experience at every step of your plant retreat.


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1. Non-interference and protection from external influence

The wisdom of Ayahuasca surpasses any human knowledge, which is why we adhere to a strict policy of non-interference and protection from external influences. This ensures that your communication with the plant remains pure and protected from outside influences.

Direct contact with the plant medicine

Only establishing and maintaining direct and unhindered contact with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines provides a truly profound experience with real changes. Therefore, retreat attendants and other participants do not interfere with your communication with the plant during your Ayahuasca session. We encourage you to establish a deep personal connection with the plant without any external influences or distractions.

Individual experience in your own space

Throughout the retreat, your individual cabin is your personal space. This is a space dedicated solely to your experience, where you communicate one-on-one with the teacher plant. We emphasize that you will not share your space with other participants or employees, eliminating any risks of physical, psychological or energetic exposure that may interfere with your experience.

Home of Ayahuasca, a private retreat in the Peruvian jungle

Elimination of group practices and external influences

Home of Ayahuasca does not offer group practices, massages or any other activities that could lead to outside influence. Everyone can have a pure and unadulterated experience with Ayahuasca, allowing plant medicine to guide you on your personal journey. By eliminating group activities, we ensure that your experience remains focused on your own intentions and goals.

Professional distance

During a retreat, a person becomes open, and the energy of other people can disrupt the processes that the plants started. We do not practice personal relationships or physical contact with retreat participants. We also strictly prohibit physical contact between participants.


We practice an impartial attitude towards retreat participants, which means the absence of personal emotions and value judgments. You can share any personal experience and your feelings without fear of being judged.

We do not impose our values, beliefs and principles. All members of our team have walked their own path in retreats to free themselves from beliefs and patterns and practice mindfulness and open-mindedness in everyday life. You can be sure that your search for your own path will be supported by the retreat attendant and protected from external influence.

2. Individual approach

Each person’s journey is unique, and we strive to provide a personalized approach to meet your specific needs and intentions.

Retreat chaperones work closely with you to understand your goals, concerns, and preferences. This personalized approach allows us to tailor plant selection and dosage to optimize your experience and support the healing process.

The retreat format is carefully determined based on your individual needs, striking a balance between the intensity of the experience and your comfort level.

3. Transparency

Openness and honesty are the basis for any type of relationship, and a necessary condition for the effectiveness of retreats. Therefore, we strive for transparency in our activities:

Knowledge Exchange

Home of Ayahuasca provides accurate and reliable information about plants, their uses and therapeutic benefits, services, prices, regulations and safety. The information on the website and on our social media is based on years of experience leading retreats, as well as reputable third-party sources of information, such as scientific research.

During the retreat we encourage independence and the pursuit of knowledge, supporting your desire to learn how to prepare and work with plants yourself. A deeper understanding of plants and their preparation process allows you to interact with them more consciously.

Amazon plant medicine preparation

Ethical pricing

When you book a retreat, the agreed upon price covers all costs from pick-up at the airport to escort back to the airport for your return flight. We do not sell any additional services, consultations, souvenirs, etc. Inclusive pricing ensures transparency and eliminates any hidden costs or surprises during the retreat.

We do not pursue the goals of personal enrichment. Profits generated from the activities of the retreat center are used to develop the retreat space and preserve the Amazon jungle.

Feedback and Reviews

By providing reviews and feedback from participants who have completed the retreats, we strive to demonstrate the impact of the retreats. Reviews of retreats can be published by retreat participants on their own behalf or from an anonymous account. We guarantee that all reviews on our website and social networks are genuine.

Feedback and input from retreat participants helps others make more informed decisions. We actively encourage you to share your experiences, feedback and suggestions with us.

4. Confidentiality

Strict confidentiality and respect for the privacy of all those participating in the retreats are maintained. We ensure that personal information is handled with utmost care and is used only for necessary purposes related to the retreat and is not passed on to third parties. Any personal information you share before, during and after the retreat is only accessible to the staff responsible for running your retreat.

5. Respect for indigenous traditions

We deeply respect the local traditions from which our work with Ayahuasca originates. The Home of Ayahuasca practices a little-known, non-tourist method of deep retreat called “dieta de Plantas Maestras” or “diet of teacher plants.” This ancient practice has been used for centuries to teach shamans and healers to communicate directly with plants.

  • We categorically reject any tourist modifications of traditions.
  • Our approach to plant retreats aligns with ancestral practices and wisdom, promoting a deep and authentic connection with plant medicine.

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6. Caring for the environment

We practice respect for nature and actively contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest. More details on the Ecosystem page

Before submitting your application, please read the site materials. To ensure a high quality retreat, we had to limit the number of participants. If you are planning to join our program, please reserve your place in advance.


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