Innovation Hub at Home of Ayahuasca Ecosystem:

Combining Tradition and Science for a Sustainable Future.


The Home of Ayahuasca Innovation Hub is dedicated to promoting scientific research and innovation in medicinal plants, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection in the Amazon jungle while combining traditional shamanistic practices with modern science for a more sustainable future.

Scientific Research: Revealing the Secrets of Medicinal Plants

At Home of Ayahuasca, we believe that traditional shamanistic practices and scientific research complement each other to understand and protect our world. Our Amazon Medicinal Plants Research Center aims to expand knowledge and promote evidence-based information about the medicinal plants in the Amazon jungle.

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The research center offers an opportunity to study the psychotherapeutic properties of ayahuasca and chiric sanango, as well as the medicinal properties, chemical composition, and therapeutic potential of other medicinal plants native to the Amazon rainforest. Our goal is to obtain scientific data that will help to better understand these plants and their potential benefits to human health.

We welcome emerging and experienced scientists to join us in conducting research and contributing to the scientific community.

We also welcome researchers from various fields such as biology, ecology, and other related disciplines to conduct research on the Amazon jungle, fish farming, and agroforestry. Join us in contributing to the scientific community and pursuing new knowledge.

Innovation: Building Business Models for a Sustainable Future

Besides scientific research, we are an innovation hub for creating new business models that promote the protection of the Amazonian jungle, sustainable agriculture, green building, and clean energy.

We believe that innovation is a powerful tool for finding sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

By encouraging creativity and collaboration, we aim to promote positive change and a more sustainable future for the Amazon rainforest and its communities.

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Cooperation with Environmental Organizations and Local Communities

We actively partner with environmental organizations and local communities to ensure that our research and innovation initiatives align with their needs and priorities. We believe that working together is the key to creating a more inclusive and sustainable approach to conserving the Amazon rainforest.

Join Us in Our Pursuit of Knowledge and Innovation

Are you passionate about research, innovation, and the conservation of the Amazon rainforest? Join us in our pursuit of knowledge and sustainability. Whether you are an experienced researcher, aspiring scientist, or an innovator with bold ideas, we invite you to be part of our research and innovation hub. Contact us

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