Energy Protection: How to Shield Yourself and Your Home from Negativity

In the modern world, where we are bombarded daily with an endless stream of information, stress, and negativity, it’s vital to care for not only our physical but also our energetic health. This article presents simple yet effective practices and techniques for maintaining your energetic well-being and safeguarding against negative influences.

Caring for Yourself and Your Space

Energy parasites, illnesses, and negativity are drawn to vulnerabilities. Thus, the best defense is to be strong and healthy—not just physically, but energetically and psychologically as well.

energy protection. The main way to protect yourself energetically is to be strong and healthy.

The key to energetic protection lies in your inner state.

Pay attention to your physical and emotional health. Avoid fatigue, sleep deprivation, and stress. Maintain high energy levels and stable moods. This will help you create an impenetrable barrier against negative influences.

Purity of Mind

Negative thoughts and emotions weaken your energy and can even create vulnerabilities. They make you susceptible to harmful external influences. If you find yourself angry, resentful, worried, or fearful, remember that it primarily harms you. Shift to a positive mindset. If you struggle to change your mood without external triggers, meditation, nature walks, calm instrumental music, creative activities, and physical exercise can help.

Being Present

The well-known phrase “being in the moment” is not only about spiritual growth but also a cornerstone of energetic safety. It’s easier to extinguish a spark than to put out a fire that has already spread.

During daily activities, keep part of your attention on your body and surroundings. Be aware of whether you feel comfortable or if something is amiss.

Caring for Your Personal Space

Your home, workplace, and any space where you spend a lot of time influence your mood and state of being. A clean and protected space will offer additional defense and replenish your energy.

Physical care: cleanliness and order, rational and convenient organization of space. Everything should be in its rightful place.

Dispose of unused items. Each unnecessary item you don’t use not only clutters the space physically but also energetically, taking up energy and blocking new developments.

A space weakens if it accumulates negative emotions, thoughts, doubts, or external energies. These leave traces. After guests leave, do a thorough cleaning to remove what they have dispersed in your space. This is particularly important if someone in a bad mood or unwell has visited. If you notice you’re in a poor state, cleanse not just yourself but also your home.

Fill your space with positive energy. Love the place where you live. Treat your belongings with care. Maintain a good mood while doing household chores.

Some Techniques for Energetic Cleansing

If you feel discomfort, it may be a sign that it’s time for an energetic cleansing.

energy protection. Taking a shower is the easiest way to cleanse the negativity accumulated during the day.

Body and Consciousness

  1. Water cleansing. Taking a shower is a simple and effective way to cleanse energetically. Running water washes away not only physical but also energetic impurities. If you feel tired, have faced tough situations, been in crowded places, or interacted with unpleasant people, the first thing to do upon returning home is to take a shower.
  2. Lemon bath. Lemon has strong cleansing properties. It removes magical influence, evil eye, and unconscious negativity from others. Squeeze 3-4 lemons into a basin of water and pour it over your body. Let it dry naturally. An emergency method is to cut a lemon and rub it on the crown of your head.
  3. Breathing. Focused breathing before sleep helps eliminate accumulated negativity and recharge with positive energy. It’s best done in bed before sleep, but it can be done at any time during the day. Exhale to expel the unnecessary from your body. Inhale to fill your body with pure life energy. If you incorporate skin breathing, it will be more powerful. If you do it in the evening, review your day. For example, if you interacted with an unpleasant person, push out the remnants of their influence.
  4. Releasing into fire. Use your hands to throw unwanted energy into a fire. You can also release worries, thoughts, illnesses, etc. This is safe for your space and those around you, as fire immediately burns away negativity. It is especially suitable for serious negative energies.

Space Cleansing

  1. Salt. Place piles of salt in corners for a day. This old method works wonderfully. Salt absorbs negative energies. Then, it must be disposed of. If you live outside the city, it’s best to bury it off your property. Nature will gradually transform this energy, but it’s a lengthy process.
  2. Lemon water. Clean floors and surfaces with water and lemon juice.
  3. Smudging. Smoke from certain plants cleanses the space, drives away parasitic entities, and attracts friendly spirits. In Peru, mapacho smoke and palo santo are used. In Europe, mugwort and juniper work well.

Energetic protection of the home. Wet cleaning with lemon water helps purify the home from negativity.

Additional Energy Protection Techniques

If you doubt your ability to protect yourself, you can use additional protective techniques.

Protective Amulets

Amulets can be a powerful protective tool, especially when you’re weakened or anticipate challenging situations.

The most effective places to wear a protective amulet are the center of the chest and the left wrist. However, it will work anywhere on the body, in a purse or pocket, and also at night by the head of the bed, next to or under the pillow, or under the mattress. The best way to choose a protective amulet is through dreaming. That is, see the shape, material, and placement of the amulet in a dream.

protective amulet as a way to protect yourself from negative energy

Some materials with protective properties:

  •   Silver
  •   Red fabric or threads (and red color in general)
  •   Reflective surfaces (mirrors, in the shape of a convex shield)
  •   If you work with Plant Medicines, any part of a friendly plant worn on the body can serve as protection.
  •   Symbols. From personal experience, Slavic symbols work well. If you use symbols, choose them very carefully. It’s best to dream about which symbol suits you. Before wearing an amulet, it must be cleansed and charged (this does not apply to friendly plants, which you simply ask for protection).

Before wearing an amulet, it must be cleansed and charged (this does not apply to friendly plants, which you simply ask for protection).

Do not let others touch your protective amulets. It’s better to wear them under your clothes so that no one sees them. If worn in a visible place, they should not attract attention.

If an amulet cracks, breaks, or spoils, it means it has served its purpose. It should be buried in the ground or burned.

Amulets collect negativity, so they need to be cleansed from time to time. Often, 15 minutes under running water is sufficient. Ideally, in a stream, but tap water will also do.

By the way, the old method of wearing a safety pin on clothing to ward off the evil eye or curses also works.

Instant Energy Protection

If you need immediate protection, you can mentally create a dome or reflective shield around yourself. It will likely only work as long as you maintain your focus. Strengthen it with a sense of inner strength, determination, composure, or fury.

a mood of inner strength, determination, composure, rage helps protect against negative influences

Home Protection

At the entrance to your home, you can place objects charged for protection, such as horseshoes, knives, or needles. This creates an invisible barrier against negativity.

  •   Entrance. Horseshoe, shield, protective symbols, knife, needle, any object you have charged for protection. It’s better if the protection is inconspicuous.
  •   Boundaries. You can spray or lay a continuous line of decoction/extract from protective plants around the perimeter of your apartment, house, or property. You can also place reflective surfaces or needles facing outward.

Additional techniques for strengthening your energetic protection can be a great support. However, remember that the most important thing is your inner state and attitude towards the surrounding space. Take care of yourself and your space, and let it be your reliable refuge from negativity.

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      Retreat Reviews

      The work was amazing. Ayahuasca helped pull out the most stuck traumas that I didn’t even know about, remove the blocks that prevented me from walking through life with confidence and calm, being truly alive, being myself. I could not achieve such a result by working with a psychologist (I am not at all belittling their work now); in a retreat, the work occurs with great intensity and efficiency.


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