Ayahuasca: 10 facts which you didn’t know

Jungle and Ayahuasca Visions

1. “A plant for the elite”.

Although humanity has a long experience of communicating with the Ayahuasca (dating back to the times before the Inca civilization), in most tribes practicing communication with the Ayahuasca in the Amazon basin, such an experience was initially open mainly to a select circle of people and was not widely spread. The culture of life of the modern inhabitants of the Amazonian selva, inhabiting remote regions of this area, is based on the worship of the plant. Aborigines claim that the Ayahuasca rite should not be available to those who are not “in prayer with medicine.”

2. This culture originated before the advent of writing.

Some world-class scientists believe that Ayahuasca was known to the ancestors of modern Indians long before the invention of writing, and the emergence of a culture of communication with this plant of power dates back to the end of the first millennium BC. It is reliably known that even before the Spaniards colonized South America in the middle of the second millennium AD, local aborigines practiced “plant medicine”.

3. Ayahuasca teaches telepathy

In the Quechua language, the word “Ayawaska” means “spiritual vine” or “vine of the dead.” At the same time, in other localities it is called differently: for example, in the language of the Indians of Colombia, the name of a similar alkaloid Banisteriopsis caapi is derived from the word “yage” – yagein (also called telepatin, since it is credited with the power to give a person telepathic abilities). Moreover, DMT is not present in the vine.

Ayahuasca meditation in Amazon jungle

4. Ayahuasca leads to awareness.

A recently published study claims that a single intake of Ayahuasca awakens awareness (Soler et al., 2016), stimulates meditative practice, which creates an antidepressant effect (Segal et al. 2010,). Such an action is created by reducing tension in certain areas of the brain that do not allow a person to remain at rest (a network of passive work) and are responsible for our Ego.

The “lulling” of the Ego by slowing down the action of this network makes it possible for a person to feel his unity with everything that exists, to perceive himself as one of the parts of the Planet, to dissolve, to lose his own Self.

5. Ayahuasca relieves pain syndrome.

Researchers claim that Ayahuasca has an analgesic and neurotrophic effect on the spinal cord, and can also be used to combat chronic pain syndrome. The data obtained in the course of laboratory experiments suggest that the use of Ayahuasca can change the structure and work of the spinal cord for a long period, reducing pain syndrome and associated negative changes.

The safety of Ayahuasca has been scientifically proven and that it can be effectively used to combat chronic pain syndrome in patients. In the future, it may be used to develop new clinical practices focused on the treatment of various neurological disorders.” (Source: Ayahuasca Study: “The Effectiveness of Ayahuasca against Pain,” Dr. Mark D. Johnson, Scientific American, February 14, 2015.)

6. Ayahuasca revives damaged cells.

The Ayahuasca drink contains Harmaline, which has the ability to initiate the creation of new tissues from pluripotent stem cells. These pluripotent cells differ in that they can form any body tissue. They turn into whatever they are ordered to. They don’t care who they become: brain cells or bones.

Ayahuasca uses stem cells to solve the body’s problems. Having identified the problem, it triggers the process of neurogenesis and updates neurons, directing the process of converting stem cells into a given matter (Morales García, 2017). Scientists suggest that Ayahuasca uses the same method of using stem cells to revive and renew any damaged cells of the body.

Ayahuasca vine and visions

7. Ayahuasca is a means to relieve addiction.

An ethnopharmacologist from Portugal, Dr. Gonzalo Martins de Sousa, was the first to suggest treating drug addiction with the help of Ayahuasca. He met the plant while working as a psychiatrist in the Amazon jungle in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. In many countries of the world, the use of Ayahuasca in the treatment of alcoholism is allowed, and most often the chemical components contained in it are extracted from natural plant raw materials, instead of using drugs obtained chemically in the laboratory.

The scientific article “Alcoholism: clinical and experimental studies”, published in the journal published by the American University of Colorado, provides data from a number of laboratory studies of Ayahuasca, which confirm that Ayahuasca provides certain benefits for the therapy of patients experiencing dependence on heroin or alcohol, which could not be treated using traditional methods of medicine, such as hemodialysis or psychotherapy. The researchers call the main advantage of Ayahuasca the ability to mobilize “internal resources” and “forces of the unconscious”, which helps patients overcome their drug addictions and begin to live a full life.

A significant amount of experimental data obtained during the use of Ayahuasca for drug addiction therapy makes it possible to establish exactly what its properties distinguish it from other methods of treatment. It does not serve as a substitute for drugs and does not reduce the severity of withdrawal syndrome. It is aimed at treating the internal cause of drug addiction, and helps to overcome addiction to those patients who sincerely want to get rid of it. With its help, a person recovers, solves his problems and begins to live a normal full life.

8. Ayahuasca is the best psychiatrist.

Ayahuasca can be used as a means of treating mental illnesses – schizophrenia, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, eating disorders (overweight or vice versa anorexia), depressive states and heals addiction to substance abuse. A positive effect is obtained by combining its properties of a medicinal plant and special components contained in the composition of the drink.

The most extensive and profound of the known studies of the medicinal value of Ayahuasca is still the study of Ayahuasca undertaken by the International Spiritual Council, which took place in Peru in 2011.

The International Spiritual Council was the first non-profit organization that organized a random controlled study of the properties of Ayahuasca as a medicinal product. The findings of the researchers were provided in the form of scientific publications for wide acquaintance and aroused considerable media interest.

The data obtained in the course of scientific research repeatedly confirm that Ayahuasca has pronounced anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antidepressant, as well as antiaddictive (canceling dependence) effects in those who suffer from depressive syndrome and neurotic disorders.

Ayahuasca painting and the Amazon jungle

9. The mystical experience of liana is measurable.

To a large extent, the experience of mystical experience and inner spiritual change, rather than the chemical effect of the drink on the neurons of the brain, provide a lasting healing effect even after a single session of communication with Ayahuasca, which distinguishes it from the action of ineffective antidepressants that require long-term use. (Bogenschutz, 2015; Garcia-Romeu, 2015; Majić, 2015; Griffiths, 2016; Ross, 2016). Researchers have documented the relationship between the relief of depression and patients experiencing a sense of the transcendence of time and space, which is evidence of the acquisition of mystical experience.

Mystical experience can be measured using a specially designed questionnaire (Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ30)

In addition, over the past twenty years, during observations of the mental health of people who use Ayahuasca, data have been obtained on the development of their cognitive (cognitive) abilities, increased creativity, improved memory, general well-being, reduced anxiety and depressive states compared with those patients who took traditional antidepressant treatment (Grob, 1996; Bouso, 2012; Barbosa, 2016)

10. Ayahuasca is NOT a narcotic.

Studies have not confirmed the occurrence of withdrawal syndrome, which makes it possible to assert that the use of Ayahuasca does not create dependence. Ayahuasca is not a drug, it does not cause addiction, but on the contrary, it stops addiction.

P.S. Can Ayahuasca change your life?

We are not talking about changes occurring at the level of chemical processes in the body after communicating with Ayahuasca. This question belongs to the competence of the scientific community, which has not yet fully studied its impact on humans. Nevertheless, it is a generally recognized fact that the experience of communicating with the power plant belongs to the category of interrelated experiences that affect the most diverse aspects of human existence: his ego, self-consciousness, his memories and life patterns.

In other words, we are aware of our self-identity. We feel our Self. We perceive ourselves in one way or another. We perceive our life. This has an impact on our self-esteem. Therefore, having experienced the experience of communicating with Ayahuasca, a person goes through changes, acquires a new self-awareness and perceives life in a new quality.

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      Retreat Reviews

      The work was amazing. Ayahuasca helped pull out the most stuck traumas that I didn’t even know about, remove the blocks that prevented me from walking through life with confidence and calm, being truly alive, being myself. I could not achieve such a result by working with a psychologist (I am not at all belittling their work now); in a retreat, the work occurs with great intensity and efficiency.


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